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LEED® New construction compliance

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System, developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), provides a set of standards for environmentally sustainable construction.

Your business’ participation in Second Nature™ will earn one point in the Energy and Atmosphere category, Credit 6: Green Power.

In order to meet the Green Power requirement, at least 35 percent of the building’s electricity must be derived from renewable sources for a period of two years.

In addition, the renewable energy resources must meet the Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) Green-e® Energy certification requirements. Luckily, Second Nature is certified by Green-e Energy.Green-e Energy Certified

Green-e Energy was established by the non-profit Center for Resource Solutions to provide information and an objective standard for consumers to compare renewable energy options, and to verify that consumers get what they pay for. For more information on Green-e Energy certification requirements, call 1-888-63-GREEN or log on to www.green-e.org.

Calculate your monthly Second Nature contribution

Average monthly usage
kWh x 35% = XX kWh.
XX kWh x Second Nature premium of $0.02/kWh = $XX.XX.


Facility Green uses 316,815 annually = 26,401 kWh monthly
26,401 kWh x 35 percent = 9,240 kWh
9,240 kWh x Second Nature premium of $0.02/kWh = $185.00.

$185.00 will be added to your electric bill as a separate line item.

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